The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain

The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain

There are all sorts of supplements available out there for improving athletic performance and increasing muscle gain. Many of them are useless, and none of them are absolutely necessary, though some of them can improve performance and muscle gain. The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain 
If you only use one kind of muscle gain supplement, than it should be protein. Protein is necessary for muscle growth, and it is advised by experts to consume up to 1,5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass when you want to gain muscle. It depends on how protein-rich your meals are, how much protein you should consume in powdered form. You should spread your protein consumption out over 4-6 smaller meals to enhance absorbtion and utilization. The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain 

There are a few different types of protein supplements:

The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain

Whey proteins

The most popular and quickly and easily digested, are whey proteins. Whey proteins are the undisputed king of proteins. They are loaded with essential amino acids. Whey proteins are available in several forms, the most basic is whey consentrate. The purest and fastest digesting whey proteins you can buy are hydrolyzed whey protein isolates. They have much of the fat, lactose and other elements “isolated” out. Whey peptides have been hydrolized, or broken down, for even faster digestion. The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain 

Casein proteins

Casein proteins are digested and absorbed more slowly than other proteins, and they are especially useful when consumed before going to bed and during other prolonged periods without eating. protein supplement

Egg proteins

Egg proteins have high scores of protein quality, and are a great alternative to the other proteins for those with milk allergies or severe lactose intolerance. Egg proteins are not as quickly absorbed as whey protein but are digested faster than casein. The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain 

Blended proteins

They combine faster-intermediate-, and slower-protein sources, and give you more sustained protein digestion than single-source proteins like

casein, egg or whey. If you can only afford one type of protein, you should consider going with a blend. A good example of a blended protein is Pro-Complex. The Top Supplements For Faster Muscle Gain 

When should I take my protein?

First thing in the morning Opt for a faster acting protein like whey first thing in the morning. After that long  fast during the night, proteins provide more stable, sustained energy than a donut or a bagel.


By drinking a protein shake about an hour before workout you’ll “prime” you body for muscle growth with essential amino acids. Quickly digested and easy to drink

whey or egg proteins are a good choice.


The single most important time of the day to get protein is the 30-60 minute timeframe following a workout.In that time your muscles are especially receptive

to nutrients, enzymes and hormones are actively repairing and rebuilding exercise-induced damage as well as repleneshing glycogen stores. A mixed protein

source is well suited for this, along with simple carbs (sugars).

Between meals

Dairy proteins (whey, casein, and milk) are better appetite blunters than other protein sources, especially when combined with dietary fiber, so if weight control is a part of you goals you should choose one of those. Along with keeping body fat in check, consuming a protein shake in between meals keeps muscle synthesis maximized.

Before bed

Casein is the best protein to consume before bedtime, since it is digested at a slower rate than whey,and it releases its amino acid constituens over several hours

throughout the night, and helps protect against muscle breakdown.