Top Tips and Tricks To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

No fluff, no junk. In this article, you’ll find 50 straight to the point tips and tricks to help you build lean muscle mass and burn body fat! Read more.

Humans are funny creatures. We like absolutes. Black or white, but make sure you leave out the gray.

Information presented in short, provocative sound bites is almost guaranteed to garner attention as it provides the reader with a pseudo sense of expertise. Top Tips and Tricks To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

Just enough data to be dangerous but not enough to actually understand the context of the topic.

Enter the list. Lists are simple but extremely effective. They’re ambiguous, yet dichotomous in nature.

In other words, they’re the perfect solution to our investigative nature without being overly concerned about specific details.

In that case, here’s 50 simple suggestions which provide a glimpse into my personal philosophy and the physiological processes which support it.

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