Top Tips and Tricks To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

50 Quick Tips to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

1. Pain is your body’s way of trying to tell you something. NSAIDs are not the solution, learn to listen and respond appropriately.

2. If you’re having trouble adding muscle mass, you may consider your programming. But, odds are there is likely a nutrition, lifestyle, hormonal, or digestive issue (in that order).

3. Knowledge without application is useless. Reading articles and watching YouTube videos won’t turn you into a coach.

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5. Unless you eat an exceptionally wide and varied diet, specific supplementation is probably a good idea. However, I’m not referring to pre-workouts, BCAAs, or test boosters.

6. “What gets monitored gets managed” – Unless you’ve been training for over a decade, it’s probably a good idea to write down your workouts. You may remember yesterday’s lift but how about your chest session from last month? My point exactly.

7. If your back hurts after conventional deadlifts, you may want to try a trap bar or sumo stance. Don’t be married to specific exercises, find the variation that works for you.

8. Speaking of deadlifts – if you’re going to chalk up, don’t pull a Lebron. No one wants to clean up a million pieces of chalk particulate.

9. Keto is trendy but if you’re an athlete this is probably the last thing you should consider if you value your performance on the field and in the gym.

10. If you’re dieting, don’t drink your calories. If you’re trying to gain mass, consider drinking most of your calories around your lift (refer to #28 if using shakes or smoothies).

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