Top Tips and Tricks To Lose Fat And Build Muscle


21. If you’re just getting into fitness, the 3 simplest steps you can take to get healthier are: Eat more protein and vegetables, go to bed by 10pm, and train with someone stronger than you.

22. Eating like an adult is hard. Do it anyways.

23. Mobility work is boring. Do it anyways.

24. Eating vegetables is boring (if you don’t know how to cook them). Do it anyways.

25. Despite what all the ads on YouTube and Facebook claim, you’re not going to get “shredded” in 8 weeks if you have 30lbs to lose.

26. Conditioning (i.e. cardio) won’t make you fat and AMPK won’t kill you. On the contrary, if you skip all cardiovascular work entirely, you’re likely doing yourself a disservice.

27. One of the simplest, most cost-effective habits you can utilize to improve sleep is to simply untuck your sheets which allows for better temperature regulation within your appendages.

28. If you’re going to ingest a protein shake or smoothie, include a chewable element (e.g. piece of fruit, chia seeds, shredded coconut, etc.) which will help stimulate the release of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid within the stomach.

29. Either learn how to use straps or mix your grip. But for the love of all things fitness, please don’t do both. Straps offset the need to use a mixed grip and a mixed grip offsets the need for straps. In other words, you’re offsetting the need to offset. No one likes double negatives…or people who mix their grip with straps. If you don’t know how to use straps, watch this.

30. 10 reps with the bar is not a viable warmup. Unless you’re being chased by a lion, it takes your central nervous system a few minutes to get acclimated to the ambient temperature, sound, sights, and smells. Move around, get loose, and pay attention to your body. There’s a reason you feel tight, don’t ignore it.

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