The Most Powerful Testosterone Boosting Food


Aside from grass-fed meats, aim to include more testosterone-boosting foods such as these:

1. Eggs (especially raw)

Eggs are a rich natural source of healthy cholesterol. It is not true that fats in eggs are bad for your health. Studies have found that the cholesterol in eggs do not cause a rise in your serum cholesterol levels. It also does not cause higher blood pressure. In fact, cholesterol from eggs act as hormone precursors, used as building blocks to make more testosterone.

Eggs are a great choice for boosting T levels

Eggs are also an excellent source of protein since eggs contain all the essential amino acids.

It is best to eat your eggs raw. Heating will break down and destroy some of the nutrients. Old school bodybuilding legend “The Iron Guru”, Vince Gironda (Arnolds trainer among many others), was a big fan of consuming raw eggs.

2. Oysters (Zinc)

Any testosterone-boosting food list is not complete without oysters. This is one of the most popular natural foods that can help boost your T. It has long been held to be an aphrodisiac and the infamous lover Casanova was reported to eat lots of this slimy mollusk every day.

What makes oysters an excellent T-boosting food is their high zinc content.

Other T-boosting minerals and vitamins include vitamin D, copper, selenium and magnesium. You can find all of these in Oysters.

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