How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer – 12 Week Workout

The trick to being summer shredded is getting shredded before summer arrives. Use this 12 week Summer Burn program so you can show off at the pool this year!

Workout Description

As the days on the calendar pass, and the outside temperatures begin to rise, the amount of clothes we are able to (or wish to) wear slowly starts to diminish. How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer – 12 Week Workout

Whether it be to work, the gym, to the beach, park, or family barbecue it is certainly nice to be able to show off the fruits of your labor – confidently and proudly displaying all of the muscle you work so hard to build.

However, before you go rushing off to your local sportswear store or favorite online shopping spot to purchase some new spring/summer duds, why not take the next 12 weeks to focus on shedding as much body fat as possible?

Because while we all know that thick, dense, defined muscle is totally awesome – you certainly “can’t flex fat!”

Fat Incinerating Tip Sheet

1. Cardio Upon Awaking: While research is conflicting as to whether cardio is more effective done in the fasted state, ensuring you do get your cardio in bright and early will help you burn fat.

2. The Right Supplements: Every morning start your day with a powerful, multi-stage thermogenic fat burner and about 5-10 grams of scientifically formulated BCAA. Doing this prior to your early morning cardio will give you all the energy one needs to power through your early morning grogginess.

3. Carb Cutting: Each week leading up to summer eliminate about 25 grams of carbs from your daily diet, while adding in ten grams protein. This will help create a calore deficit needed for fat loss, increase the thermic effect of food, maintain muscle, and assist in shedding excess subcutaneous water.

4. Hunger Troubleshooting: Lets face it…existing in a calorie deficit, which is a necessary evil for getting lean, is not always an easy task. There will be many times where your blood sugar will drop, your tummy will cave, and you will begin fantasizing about attacking the cookie aisle of your local supermarket!

However, the result in that case is certainly not very beneficial when the goal is looking like a comic book superhero. I have found the best way to stave off hunger and bring energy back to an adequate level is to consume a huge glass of cold water with 5-10 grams of your favorite flavored BCAA powder mixed in.

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