How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer – 12 Week Workout

5. Cardio Splitting: If your goal is 60 minutes of cardio for the day, for example, you will manifest superior results by splitting that (total) time between two, or even 3 sessions, than doing it all at once. You could wake up and do 30 minutes of cardio fasted, another 15 minutes post workout, and the final 15 before your final meal.

This “splitting” strategy will help keep the metabolism elevated all day long, which effectively makes you into a literal fat-burning machine.

How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer - 12 Week Workout

6. Vary Cardio: Some studies indicate that HIIT cardio is more effective at incinerating adipose than steady state – while others show the opposite. In my experience, I have become convinced that both types of cardio work (each carrying their own advantages/disadvantages), and thus both should be a part of your overall program.

A highly effective strategy is to break cardio up, as suggested earlier (#5), into a 30/15/15 scheme (if the goal is one hour daily) with the first 30-min session being steady state and the following two as HIIT.

7. Get Intense: When the main goal is dropping body fat it is a great idea to make your weight training sessions more productive and intense via the use of supersets and dropsets. These intensity techniques are not only valuable for stimulating muscle growth, but also will raise heart rate, increase metabolism, burn greater calories and push natural GH (a very powerful fat-crushing hormone) through the roof!

8. Compound Pounding: You will burn a heck of a lot more calories, as well as stimulate higher levels of natural hormones that destroy body fat if you make sure to include plenty of basic, multi-joint exercises in each of your workouts. This is not to say that you should shy away completely from more isolated movements, but only that you do not neglect some serious “compound pounding!” How To Get Shredded Fast For Summer – 12 Week Workout

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