Killer Shoulder Workouts | Build Bigger Delts

Killer Shoulder Workouts | Build Bigger Delts

Program to Build Shredded Shoulders

If you’re looking to build shredded shoulders with delts that are capped and pop, we’ve got just the 8 week shoulder workout for you. Check it out! Killer Shoulder Workouts | Build Bigger Delts

Workout Description

Training chest is always fun and of course we all want great arms. And yes, abs are the centerpiece of our physique but it amazes me how often lifters neglect to give their shoulders the attention they deserve.

Not only are they important to performance and overall wellness but they make a physique stand out too. Round and wide delts make everything else look better.

So, it’s settled. Shoulders now need to be a priority.

This plan will help you sculpt your shoulders and turn them into one of your greatest strengths.

Outlining the Next 8 Weeks

This is going to be a two phase plan. In the first phase, we’re going to push ourselves to develop the muscle that we want to show off for four weeks. In Phase 2, the intensity goes up to 100 and we’ll do what it takes to help carve them out and shape them to our desired design.

The rest in between exercises will vary based on the week. You should train the shoulders every 7 days over the course of the next two months. That means you’ll have 8 workouts to do over the next eight weeks.

One Quick Note: For this program we’re going to focus specifically on the shoulders which means there is nothing included for traps. You can certainly train them with shoulders if you prefer but make sure you do them in addition to what is in this plan. You could also train traps with back.

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