Killer Shoulder Workouts | Build Bigger Delts

Killer Shoulder Workouts | Build Bigger Delts

Weight Not a Factor

In Phase 1, weight mattered because the point was to push yourself to new levels of strength as well as increase muscle. Now, you should still challenge yourself but the weight you use isn’t quite as important. You simply won’t be able to use the same weights in Phase 2 as you did in Phase 1. That’s because giant sets weren’t designed for that purpose. They do have their benefits, though.

Giant sets not only help you increase muscular endurance but also help you get more done in less time. It helps more if the exercises you use are close enough that you don’t need much time to transition from one movement to the next.

With this plan, all you need is a seated bench, dumbbells, and to be close to a cable station. If you need to change an exercise because of how your gym is laid out or because it’s crazy busy when you train, that’s ok. Just make sure you substitute an exercise that is similar to the one you’re replacing.

One example is reverse pec deck for the rear lateral raise. Whether you have to sub in a different exercise or not, you’ll find that you can perform all of your work sets faster since the only time you have to recover is between the giant sets.

Speaking of Rest

Although you won’t rest throughout the giant set, you will get a break after you finish your cycle of four exercises. However, the time you get to rest still decreases as each week goes by. The decrease is only five seconds a week now but by the 8th week, you’ll feel the difference.

  • Week 5: 60 seconds in between giant sets.
  • Week 6: 55 seconds in between giant sets.
  • Week 7: 50 seconds in between giant sets
  • Week 8: 45 seconds in between giant sets.

The decreased rest periods will take a toll physically but as long as you’re mentally committed and focused when you’re in the gym, you’ll see great benefits not only by the 8th week but long afterwards as well.

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